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Dog‘s and human‘s behaviour can‘t be compared

Dog‘s and human‘s behaviour can‘t be compared

There are a lot of small dogs for sale and they are different in the appearance, behaviour and manner.

Dog‘s and human‘s


If you want to find out about the dog‘s behaviour, you can‘t use human‘s behaviour pattern because each of them has their own intellect and instincts. Pets can‘t express their feelings in the verbal language but still they can talk. They understand each other from the code that is compiled from signs and smells. For example, lowered ears means concern and fear; raised ears – attention; raised and wagging tail – joy and trust; lowered tail – distrust; showing teeth – threat. If the dog gives you its paw and it is not the command, it means that it is young and unsecured. If the dog is lying on its back, it means that it obeys the stronger oponent or seeks the union with you.


It was mentioned earlier that dogs live in packs and accept the hierarchy. However, if the dog‘s master will treat it wrong, it won‘t obey him anymore. Cats do not obey to people and they can‘t be trained as they do not live in packs. Cats live alone from the ancient times and they do not accept other cat‘s or human‘s leadership. Most of animals have their own territory‘s instinct, it means that they will defend it. Dogs inherited this instinct from the wolves. Even if the dog is chained, it won‘t let you to pass its territory where the chain streches. As a result, if the dog lives in the kennel, it is better to keep the distance and bypass it.